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Fine art paintings

As an artist who predominately uses painting as a primary method of practice, my work is often very expressive. I pay close attention to the scale and surface, and I focus on applying precise intelligence to the processes that I work with.

My own practice is often very gestural and there has been a focus on expressing an emotional significance. As my work has matured and as my practice has progressed there has been an increasing focus on reduction and simplicity with my application of paint. As my work advances, the eradication of interferences that previously occurred within my painting can be seen in my more recent work due to my increasing enjoyment of working with line and shape. There is also a deliberate sense of a non-expressionistic style. My aim has been to refine my work and make it less aggressive and raw.

There is an obsession with creating new and exciting things and I feel that painters are often faced with this struggle. I therefore believe that continuing to paint and being able to create a large, primarily paint-based work is something very satisfying.


University of Southampton BA Hons Fine Art

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